Main Views

class main.views.AnalysisIntroView(**kwargs)

Intro View of Analysis. Detail of Analysis : Description and Useful link.

class main.views.AnalysisListView(**kwargs)

Analysis List View. List of all Available and Custom Analyses.

class main.views.FilesView(**kwargs)

View to manage files for each analysis, get and download, delete file and folders.

delete(request, ana_id)

Delete a file from inputs or config folder on s3 by filename.

get(request, ana_id)

Download file from s3 and return downloaded file path.

post(request, ana_id)

Download folder from s3, zipping folder and return zip file path.

class main.views.HomeView(**kwargs)

View to check if logged in or not, if not, redirected to login page.

class main.views.IntroView(**kwargs)

Intro View (Index View). Detail of NeuroCAAS and Available Analyses.

class main.views.JobDetailView(**kwargs)

Shows detail of Job done for analysis, User can check and download the content of job files.

class main.views.JobListView(**kwargs)

Shows List of Jobs done for analysis.

class main.views.PermissionView(**kwargs)

Permission Page View.

class main.views.ProcessView(**kwargs)

Processing View.

post(request, ana_id)

Start new processing with analysis ID, inputs and config files.

class main.views.QAView(**kwargs)

Q/A Page View.

class main.views.ResultView(**kwargs)

Process results View.

get(request, ana_id)

Retrieve Certificate.txt content from s3 and return it.

post(request, ana_id)

Retrieve files from results and logs folder on s3 and return them. Checking update.txt and end.txt so that determine analysis was finished or not.

class main.views.TestView(**kwargs)
class main.views.UserFilesView(**kwargs)

Return list of inputs and configs files for analysis.

get(request, ana_id)

Return inputs and config files users uploaded so far.


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