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This documentation is intended as a guide for the NeuroCAAS Web Interface.
This documentation is not for the NeuroCAAS project. To access the docs of the NeuroCAAS project, navigate to the Github repository below.

The NeuroCAAS website and documentation are part of the NeuroCAAS project, and are currently under development.
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NeuroCAAS is an open-source scientific resource that uses cloud resources to run powerful modern data analyses. NeuroCAAS packages these analyses into fully portable descriptions called blueprints, which can then be deployed to analyze data on demand and automatically. Analyzing data with NeuroCAAS does not require any hardware purchases, installation, or dependency management. As a scientific user, you are responsible for only two things: 1) your data, and 2) a configuration file containing analysis parameters. You can find working demo datasets and configuration files in each of our available analyses. To learn more about NeuroCAAS, check out our github repo, paper, and website below.

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